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Trip to Berlin

My trip to Berlin was mainly about eating, relaxing and shopping. It was great to be back and catch up with my friends. On Friday night we had dinner at Frau Mittenmang which was great as always and the three of us ended up...

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When I walk over the bridge to get to Bellevue to grab my lunch, I see water, mountains and the old town of Zurich. In these moments I simply love the city I live in. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow it’s Streetparade and...

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In September my annual Berlin visit is due. Since I lived there for 3 months in 2009, at least once a year I need to go back to feel the vibe of this inspiring city. I will visit a friend and besides hearing what is going on in...

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A Villa in Florida

In June we spent two weeks in Florida and I would have never thought how much I’d like that place! Our vacation was a perfect mix of relaxing, shopping and adventure. We loved Miami but what made our holiday special is the...

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