When Mr. C and I met, we were travelling lots. As I was living in Berlin and he was in Zurich and still had a flat in Milano, we used to meet wherever we had cheap flights to. We flew to Bergamo, Milano, Zurich, Berlin and also London and had a great time showing each other our favourite places and discover new ones together. Since Cookie joined the family and especially since we are saving for our apartment, we haven’t travelled as much as we would like to and I almost forgot how inspiring even a short trip to another city can be.

So we enjoyed every minute of our weekend in Vienna and came back with lots of ideas. Tasting all the local foods that need to be tried such as the different Strudels (we tested a different one every day), Schnitzel, Sachertorte etc. was great. Luckily we also walked a lot during those three days. We visited the National Library, strolled through Spittelberg and over the Naschmarkt, stopping for a coffee here and there, lay in the sun in the Volksgarten and enjoyed two amazing dinners, one at fabios and one at Livingstone where you get the best potato mash in the world (with truffle oil). The beauty of Vienna really is stunning!