Even though I had been to Florence before and loved it, this time I realised that it is one of the few towns, that is very different to others. You find so many little specialty shops that make shopping a truly remarkable experience. Two shops that impressed me were ottod’Ame and Aqua Flor.

ottod’Ame is a cute fashion store we entered to find something for my mum and in the end it was me walking out of it with two new pieces. If you are into rough knits, silky shirts and nude colors this is the place to go to. The range goes from classic to crazy. Prices were reasonable and with the sale on absolutely affordable. They have one large flagship store at Via della Spada 19R but they have another store in Prato. I am now waiting impatiently for a webshop.

Another store I loved is Aqua Flor. Siuated in a tiny street close to Piazza Santa Croce the shop is located in an old Palazzo. Besides selling a large range of fragrances, soaps and body products they are specialised in creating personal perfumes. Upon appointment, the Master Perfumier will create your personal fragrance. After testing through many base essences, you will go with him through a specific process until your very personal scent is found. It will then be filled in a beautiful bottle for you to take with you. The recipe of the perfume will be yours but they will keep it also archived and if you run out, you can get in touch with them and they send you your new bottle, no matter where you are located in the world. Prices indicated to us where around 300 Euros for the creation including perfume. Depending on the bottle you choose, the price can increase. Certainly not cheap but I totally love the idea of this unique experience as a gift to a very special someone or for a special occasion.