Lisbon totally amazed me. I have been there about ten years ago and back then the place didn’t impress me much. That has totally changed last week. I guess it has a lot to do with your own mood and state your in, how you perceive a city when you’re visiting. But I also think that Lisbon has changed a lot. Or last time I just ended up in the wrong corner?

While Mr C. was attending professional training, I enjoyed my days walking around Chiado and Baixa, exploring, trying local delicacies, discovering amazing spots. People and atmosphere in the city are super relaxed. Everybody is so friendly and helpful and speaking English which made life easy. It was just what we needed after moving and a busy time at work. Some evenings we headed for the beach after the training which is only a short drive from the city centre. We went to praia de S. João, which is a beautiful wide and sandy beach with nice bars within reach. A friend told us to also go to Troia which is across by boat from Sétubal. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to make our way down there but surely will do next time we are in Lisbon.

Oh and the food. The food is amazing! We had fresh fish every day, which is prepared in a simple but delicious way. From typical and easy ‘A Licorista – O Bacalhoeira’ or a bit more sophisticated (and expensive) Aqui há peixe we were never disappointed. If you head down to Costa Caparica, also try lunch at Pé Nú! If you like fish, go for the Zarzuela and a bottle of Aveleda Quinta before having a nap on the beach. A must to try are the Pastéis de Belém. Also if it’s a bit of a trip to reach Belém, it’s absolutely worth it making your way down there for the best pastéis on earth. Eat at least one immediately as they are still warm and one of the best things I’ve ever tasted! If you fancy something salty, they sell amazing triangle shaped pastries filled with spiced meat. I don’t know what they are called but they are fatty and very good!

As a highlight we very spontanteously went to Optimus Alive Festival on Saturday as a friend was there working for Mumford and Sons. We had no clue that he was in town until we saw the festival’s billboards with the bands when heading to Belém on Saturday morning. It was great to have a couple of beers together and finally see Mumford and Sons live, as I never made it to any of their gigs even though they are one of my favourite bands. Great evening, great weekend! Go visit Lisbon!!