Hi, I am Natalie. I am living together with Mr. C and our furry flatmate a French Bulldog named Cookie in the beautiful countryside of Switzerland. She is an essential part of my life and will have an appearance on the blog every now and then. I used to work as event manager for many years and traveled quite a lot for my job. My love for traveling and discovering the world remained, even though I travel a lot less since we have Cookie. My passion for food probably also came along with the job as I try to keep myself updated on new restaurants and gastronomical trends. But nowadays it’s not just the eating that I enjoy, I also like cooking and try new recipes of which some I share with you. As Mr. C is Italian, our cooking often has an Italian touch. The Precious Things combines all the aspects in life that I enjoy, from cooking to eating out to interior design to traveling. If you have a recipe that I must try, send it over along with a picture what the result should look like.
xo Natalie