My trip to Berlin was mainly about eating, relaxing and shopping. It was great to be back and catch up with my friends. On Friday night we had dinner at Frau Mittenmang which was great as always and the three of us ended up drinking three bottles of wine. The good thing is, in Berlin a dinner with three bottles of wine is still affordable. The bad thing is, I was so hung over that going out on Saturday was no option. Especially after shopping for 7 hours. So we stayed in and watched dvd’s. Is this what you fly to Berlin to? Not really but it gave us time to talk half the night and that was absolutely worth it to come to Berlin for.

Not a new discovery but still highly recommendable is Muret la Barba¬†on Rosenthaler Strasse, a true Italian bar with excellent coffee and great food. It’s perfectly located to have a break after shopping in Mitte.