As for many people, also for me each year around Christmas it’s time to reflect. What is currently keeping my mind busy is how to include the things I am passionate about in my daily life. The thought of wasting time on things that I don’t care for is unbearable for me. Time is too precious and so are the people you love. Even more I am thankful for what I have in life. A family that cares for me, good friends that support me, and of course my future husband that at the same time is my best friend, something I always wished for. I live a life filled with love and respect and the support of all the people I feel close to. When terrible things happen out there in the world, sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and embrace and appreciate all that you’ve got.

This picture was given to us by a dear friend and is now hanging on our bedroom wall. It reflects our love in such a creative and beautiful way that I wanted to share this with you. Are you able to find all the synonyms?

English: Faith, Joy, Trust, Together, Heart, Love, Fun, Will, Rest
German: Vertrauen, Geborgenheit, Liebe, Freude, Lust, Reiz, Nah, Nest, Stet
Italian: Amore, Passione, Insieme, Cuore, Gioia, Gusto, Molto
French: Amour, Confiance, Ensemble, Coeur, Déseir, Aise, Ami, Près, Cher
Dutch: Spassie, Hart, Plezier, Liefde, Samen, Geluk
Spanish, Corazon, Gozo, Ardor, Alegria, Duo

Love Is