Clouds opened its doors one month ago and it was said, it’s close to impossible to get a table. Not true. This time I called well ahead to book the table as it was Mr. C’s birthday and we kind of made it a habit to test amazing restaurants when there is something to celebrate. But they said if booking two weeks ahead, you won’t have any problems to get a table, apart from friday & saturday or large parties.

So there we were, taking the elevator up to the 35th floor of the tallest building of Zurich. We were so lucky that it was a clear day. Of course it was already dark but as soon as you make your way into the restaurant, the view is overwhelming. And believe me I am spoilt as I see allover Zurich from my work place. It is fun to look down on all the buildings of the city you know so well. I know, you American readers, for you that’s nothing new but here it’s still quite special to dine on 100m over ground.

First we didn’t know what to expect as lately we were often disappointed when going out for dinner. Maybe that is because our own cooking skills improved quite a bit. However, we were very pleased with the dishes. You can choose between 3 to 5 course menus or go for the à la carte choices. We tried both options and I have to say that the menu Mr. C. had chosen overall was more convincing. The presentation of the dishes was amazing and the service outstanding. We really, really enjoyed our time up there. Also I would highly recommend it for a first date. Yes, it’s a bit formal but if the guy turns out to be an idiot, you can at least enjoy the view and kill some time with ‘oh look! down there is…’.

Even though it was pricey, this time we felt that what we got was worth the price. We agreed to come back for our farewell dinner before we leave Zurich and move to the countryside. Yes, our apartment is proceeding well. Only a couple of months and you will find us in the middle of 100 boxes. Exciting times ahead!