So here we are with our dreams and wishes for our wedding. After I always dreamt of a beach wedding, we totally fell in love with the idea of a country side wedding in Italy. Intimate and relaxing for us and the guests it shall be. I started to pin tons of wedding inspirations matching this idea on a pinterest board. We found an amazing place where we totally could imagine to celebrate with our family and friends. We already had a meeting with a wedding planner in Italy who would help us arranging all the details locally. Of course I could take care of the organisation myself as events management is what I am doing for a living. But organising – also if it’s my own wedding – always is like working for me. And who wants to feel like at work during their own wedding?

So everything was clear: where – how – and more or less when. And now all of a sudden we start to think of eloping and just share this moment in between us. A dress, bare feet, an amazing beach followed by a romantic dinner and fantastic vacation. Blame it on too many options.

Certainly there are some moments during the wedding, like the vows, that I would prefer not to share with anyone but my future husband. Also having a stranger as the celebrant makes me feel uncomfortable. So these are surely pro’s for an elopement. On the other hand I think I would miss my mum, my sister and my girlfriends around when getting ready for the big day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a glass of champagne with them before the ceremony? I would love to celebrate with them, have a family style dinner outside in the evening sun. And dance like crazy all night long.

I guess we will just give it more time until we know for sure which way we want to take. What where your thoughts before organising your wedding? Was it always clear how to celebrate this? Or did you even change your mind completely during the process?