The last weeks have been difficult ones. Our dog had a discus hernia which lead to surgery of which she is now recovering. The days until it was clear what was wrong with her, were strenuous and we were exhausted over all the worrying. It broke our hearts to see this usually happy dog in so much pain that she was screaming for hours. But now she is getting better and despite the fact that we need to keep her calm and relaxed – something that is not so easy with a young dog – she is getting back to her joyful self.

We were really lucky that everything turned out well so far and thanks to good vets and family and friends consulting us on what to do, we managed this difficult period quite well. I was amazed how normal things like eating, sleeping and work become completely secondary and basically are no priority in such moments. The positive thing was, to be sure that we have a lot of supportive friends and family and also us together grew even closer over worrying for this little devil. Especially my mum was there for us and our dog all the time, taking over whenever needed.

Happy Easter to all of you and a big thanks to those that helped us during the last weeks!


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