I already told you about my way from the office to the salad bar. Usually before lunch, I am in good spirits to eat something healthy for lunch so I can indulge over dinner as dinner to me is the most important meal of the day. I know that nutritionist say that breakfast is the most important meal but for me the mornings are just a coffee and be quick to go to the office so I can leave it again as early as possible. And then again, how good can a healthy breakfast be? I’m not talking about scrambled eggs and bacon or cream cheese bagels with salmon. I’m thinking muesli, fruit and yogurt. How am I supposed to enjoy that more than a dinner? Dinners on the other hand for me are full of great tastes, socialising, talking about the day with Mr. C. and enjoying a glass of white wine (or two or three).

But getting back to lunch… especially on warm days I’m really in the mood for a salad. The salad bar that I usually go to offers two different kinds that you can top with ingredients of your choice. They have something like a dozen of different toppings of which sweet corn, spicy olives and tuna are my fav ones. I really do like that salad but the problem is, that on the way to the salad place I have to pass these babies:

The cakes are quite easy to resist as I’m more of a salty person. But you cannot imagine what torture it is, to pass the bratwurst place. That smells kills me every time I walk past. And sometimes the bratwurst wins. I am not exactly the queen of restraint. To me, the bratwurst of the Sternen Grill is the best in town also if other people are of different opinion. It’s served with a famous Goldbuerli and the most spicy mustard in the world. You know, that kind that goes up your nose. When in Zurich, try it!