Here comes some of my current playlist that helps me through long dark days. Coming to think of it we hardly had any long dark days so far in this autumn/winter. We’ve been so lucky with the weather that some fog was the maximum of awfulness (is that an english word?) the weather came up with. Hopefully it will stay like this for many more weeks. I have to admit though that the first snow kind of excites me every winter but if I get to choose, I prefer sun, temperatures above 0 degrees celsius and not falling on my a*** when running after the bus.

What was this post about again? Ah yes, music. So here comes the music that gives me lots of energy, if not during dark days, during early mornings:

Unkle feat. The Black Angels – With you in my Head
White Rabbits – Percussion Gun
Death Cab for Cutie – Home is a Fire
The Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore
Kula Shaker – Govinda
Eastern Conference Heroes – A Million Miles an Hour
Editors – Like Treasure
Girls in Hawaii – Road to Luna
Scanners – Salvation
And my ever favourite: Mumford & Sons – I Gave You All

Now go start-up iTunes!