These are incredible. And quick to do. And highly addictive. And full of calories. Whoever you feed them to, don’t tell them that each of these cakes contains half a chocolate bar. Actually the original recipe is layed out for 2 portions which is a whole chocolate bar each. I found them way too big (even for me) so I used the same amount and distributed it on 4 smaller forms. Which then only makes half a bar each. See, I mean well! However, all I wanted to say is: TRY THEM!

What you need for 4:

200 gr of dark chocolate (I prefer unsweetened chocolate with at least 70% cocoa)
60 gr butter
2 eggs
2 tbsp plain flour
50 gr brown sugar
whipped cream or ice cream to serve

Melt the chocolate and butter together in a small pan. Mix with eggs, flour and sugar by using a hand mixer or a kitchen machine until you have a smooth mix. Pre-heat the oven to 180° celsius and fill the mix into 4 oven proof, greased forms. Bake for about 18 minutes. The cakes should be solid on the outside and still soft and creamy inside. Set aside for 10 minutes. Then take them out of the forms and serve with whipped cream or sour cream ice cream. You can easily prepare the cakes up to the baking part and then bake them fresh for your guests.

Recipe Source: I took a picture of a recipe from a book and don’t remember which one. It could have been Nigella Lawson. And it has been adapted.
Recommended music while cooking this: The XX – Coexist