We survived… it was exhausting and in the middle of the moving we thought it would never end. The worst is that you just want to spend time in the new place but you still have to deal with the old apartment. But I have to say that we were quite efficient and made a great team. Mr. C was the truck driver, lamp fixer, wardrobe builder while I unpacked boxes at high speed to make space for more and tried to stay organised and not forget anything.

Once we were done and got rid of the old place, the fun part started. Trips to furniture shops, discussing ideas, moving things from here to there. We are still not done but some things just need time. I think we will still wait a bit before we start hanging paintings and pictures until we are really sure what goes where.

One thing I really love is the walk-in wardrobe that we created. We have a large bed room and I got tired of the old wardrobe that we used to have. We were looking for a simple, light solution and not the classical sliding doors thing. We brainstormed some ideas and got hooked with the idea of a simple shelve system covered up by a wooden structure that lets the light come through. After turning down an offer of carpenter for a fixed structure because it was way too expensive, we discovered wooden shutters at Ikea that we hung on the ceiling. This gives us the opportunity to still change it if we’d want to, even if it’s only for a colour change. We are really happy of how it turned out.

To recover, we will spoil ourselves with a weekend in Lisbon. Suggestions welcome!