Well this is haute cuisine! I already told you about the amazing dishes we had at La Cantina di Spello in Umbria in a previous post. And I told you about the delicious potatoes and porcini mushrooms flan that we had there. Thanks to Valeriano Federici, the chef, I am able to provide you with the recipe. Valeriano is the first wandering chef of Central Italy and can also be hired for weddings and private caterings. We absolutely loved the seasonal dishes he creates with ingredients from the area. I have to admit that I haven’t tried the recipe myself yet but as soon as I will get my hands on frozen porcini (fresh ones are unfortunately already out of season here) I will try to cook it. Trust me, it’s amazing!

Preparation time: 1 hour

Serves: 6


500 gr red Colfiorito peeled potatoes
50 gr white Cannara onions
200 gr fresh porcini mushrooms (or frozen)
20 gr Extra virgin olive oil
100 ml double cream
30 gr grated parmesan cheese
3 egg whites
20 gr vegetable broth powder


Pour the olive oil in a heavy bottomed stainless steel pot, add the finely chopped onion and allow it to soften, add peeled and diced potatoes (pour a little hot water if it is too dry) close the lid and simmer, stirring occasionally, until they are partially mashed.

Combine the finely cut mushrooms and finish cooking for about 20 minutes, remove from heat and let cool slightly.

Combine the remaining ingredients, stirring with a spoon to make the mixture homogeneous.

Then pour it into circular single-dose aluminum molds, sprayed with the detaching spray and bake in a water bath for about 25/30 minutes at 180 centigrade until they have taken texture and color.

Still hot, place them individually on the dish, cover completely with the sauce and serve very hot, garnished with the remaining fresh truffles, thinly sliced,​ and olive oil.

Sauce and final garnish


100 cl double cream
100 cl dairy milk
150 gr fresh ricotta cheese
150 gr grated parmesan cheese
60 gr fresh Black truffle
Table Salt to taste
Extra vergin olive oil to garnish (dress)


Pour the milk and cream in a steel saucepan, combine ricotta and Parmesan and warm up on a low heat, use an immersion mixer to create a smooth sauce, add half of the finely grated truffle and a pinch of salt.