Spring is here and along with it a lot of exciting things are going on. We’ve tested Mr. C’s latest woodwork which is the prototype of a boat that hopefully one day will be built in ‘human size’. Guess what. It did not sink! But I anyway saved Cookie from becoming test pilot. Then we did lots of nice walks and collected wild garlic that is currently sprouting everywhere. It has not lasted long as Mr. C is a big Wild Garlic Cordon bleu fan. The rest of the leaves has been cut up and used to create a Wild Garlic Butter, that is now in our freezer and will be used on grilled steaks.

Oh and we finally know when we can move into our new apartment (end of June it will be) and as soon as we got the date, I felt like I want to start packing moving boxes and go. It will be hard to wait another 3 months but then again we’ve been waiting for this for 1.5 years. In the meantime there is enough to organise and prepare. Of course we are still visiting the building site every week to see the progress. It’s really exciting to see how all the materials we chose are put into place piece by piece. Soon we will know if we took the right decisions.

This weekend we will have a break from it all and travel to Vienna for a weekend full of sun, good food and sightseeing. Can’t wait to get off the plane and have a Wiener Melange and a piece of Topfenstrudel downtown.