Finally the first warmer – as in 12 degrees celsius – and sunny days of the year arrived and alongside with them come a couple of my usual spring symptoms. One of them is that I don’t want to go home straight after work. Instead I want to stay out in town, go for a drink, meet friends, wander through the streets. Another symptom is to extend my wardrobe with a couple of must have basics.

This year the choice has fallen on 1) a pair of cozy jeans that actually are made of jersey and are incredibly comfortable and 2) on a bag that hopefully is large enough to put in all the stuff that I usually carry with meĀ are. Stuff that for some reason seems to have increased since I started to write this blog.

Up to now my old Liebeskind bag is the only one where my book, ipad, camera etc. fit and the handles and shoulder strap have not started to fall off due to the weight I carry around. So I decided it’s time to add another Liebeskind companion to my bag collection. The choice has fallen on Lina. The weather can be so inspiring!