Some of you heard the story of Cookie touching an electro fence with her ears when we had a walk behind our new apartment on the first day of January. Those of you who know Cookie personally, know that she is not one of many words.
This dog hardly ever makes a sound. You can step on her foot and she will only give you a surprised look. She never really barks or anything. When she sees something scary out on the terrace (something that only she sees), she will make some deep voiced sounds but not really bark.

But wow, when she touched that fence, she was screaming like hell. This kind of scream we only heard once before at the vet when she got some shots. It is a terrible sound that makes me shiver. A work colleague of Mr. C. sent him this video, that makes clear what I mean:

And it proves two things: ours is not the only Frenchie that is a real cizzy and she’s not the only one that runs away from cats.