Yesterday I dragged Mr. C to my favourite sushi place in Zurich. I kept talking about it to him and went there every now and then with friends for dinner but I never took him there. It’s too dangerous. It’s very expensive and Mr. C can eat tons of sushi. It would exceed our budget.

But yesterday after a visit to the building site of our apartment, we felt like we had something to celebrate. And the Ginger crew did not disappoint us! The sushi chef does amazing things to the fish. Or does he only cut it up and the trick does the incredibly fresh fish? Yes, even in Switzerland you can find fresh fish! And Mr. C is very picky when it comes to fish… after all he grew up on the sea.

But not only the sushi are great. Anything I tried, was amazing. Even the edamame that are served as amuse bouche are better than anywhere else. Also try the tempura. And the gyozas. And the yakitory skewers. And the scallops with bacon. Try anything your credit card can handle!