Just recently – for my birthday dinner – we have been to one of the most expensive restaurants in Zurich. I had no idea how expensive food even in Zurich could get! But we had a fabulous night out with quite a different experience. I would have never thought that I would ever consider food or tastes as being complicated but there they really were. I cannot say that this was the best dinner I’ve ever had, as I prefer simple dishes, but surely it’s the most special dinner I’ve had so far and the kitchen crew has all my respect for what they create. Every dish was created of so many different little items and tastes, it was literally an explosion of colours and tastes. The service was one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Even my handbag got a little stool to ‘sit’ on. So if once you want to splurge and don’t mind spending half a vacation budget on one evening, try the Mesa. Of course if you have a business dinner coming up, take advantage! And don’t forget to bring a Louis Vuitton… for sure that will look better on the stool than my handbag did.