I am an absolute scarf person. Since someone decided that they are a must have accessory, I am totally addicted and have collected tons of them over the last couple of years. It’s like with shoes and handbags, you need them in all colours possible to match any outfit. You can imagine that the scarf compartment of my wardrobe was a right mess. Whenever Mr C or me opened the door of the closet, a waterfall of scarfs and shawls was flowing out of it. Luckily Mr C is the most patient person on earth (Cookie might disagree on this) so he never complained about it.

But then we came across this cute tin box on wheels that first was intended to be the keeper of Mr C’s tool kit – which is growing every week since he discovered his love for working with wood – but almost collapsed under the weight. So I made a deal with Mr C: he buys a proper tool box to store all his tools and I get the tin box to give a new home to my scarfs. End of the story: I have a cute storage place and have a chance to find the scarf I actually want to wear. At least the indoor ones. The thick wool ones are still flowing out of the closet. Mr. C now has a massive plastic tool box that is again close to collapsing. This is how to keep a relationship happy!