I know it has been quiet around The Precious Things lately. Too many things were going on. We’ve spent a wonderful and inspiring weekend and attended a beautiful country side wedding close to Milano. We enjoyed the beautiful autumn days around Zurich and with Cookie in the forest, spent lots of time in the kitchen (results will be posted soon), were busy fighting with our building company over the interior design of our new apartment and last but not least I also started a new job.

All that kept me away from blogging but now I am settling back in to the daily routine. And luckily enough, only 4 days a week are dedicated to work. 1 day is to myself and Cookie and all other nice things in life. It’s fantastic to work only 4 days a week. There is time to go to the market in the morning, sit in a cafĂ© in the sun, have a walk through the streets and shop when everybody else is at work. All of this I’ve done this morning and now I also found time to try a freestyle lentil soup recipe with inspiration of my readers!