In order to inaugurate the new tool that makes our life in the kitchen easier, I created a carrot cake. It’s a recipe from my sister and it’s the most moist cake that I know. Everything went perfectly fine and the cake was quickly done with my new best friend. But then the moment to make the frosting came.

First of all I had to google what I need to do with the amount of icing sugar and lemon juice as I had never made a frosting in all my life. Then, when warming the stuff, Mr. C. and me could not agree on how liquid the frosting needs to be in order to be able to apply it evenly on the cake. He thought after a couple of minutes that it was liquid enough to put on the cake. Big mistake listening to him. I mean, how can I be so stupid? The frosting got stuck on top of the cake as soon as we poured it onto it. Impossible to distribute it evenly. We ended up with having a ton of unremovable frosting on one side and empty bits on the other side. I made it worse by doing the violent approach and bits of the top of the cake came away. I spare you the pictures. But the thing tasted good. I will give it another try soon… even though I haven’t decided yet if I will just leave away the frosting completely.