I work at a very privileged spot of this town an usually my walk to the salad bar at lunchtime brings me to one of the most beautiful hence most touristy spots of Zurich, the bridge that connects Buerkliplatz and Bellevue. You know, the one where I usually take snapshots of the lake, the river and the old town and where I am the most happy person living in Zurich. Honestly, the view over the lake cheers me up even on rainy days.

Anyway, passing there gives me excellent opportunity to study tourist behaviour. Today I witnessed a special case that anyway happens quite often during Summer. As the weather is beautiful, you see lots of tourists renting a pedalo to conquer the lake. But then there is also a bunch of cruise ships going around, most of them picking up passengers from Buerkliplatz. Today, two pedalos got in the way of one of the cruise ships. They were veeery close when the ship was reversing from the jetty. So note this: When you come to Zurich and plan to spend your time in or on the lake, don’t do this. Stay clear. The captain will not be amused. And the little helpers on board in the blue shirts neither. They will start yelling at you in Swiss German and will move the boat closer to you just to scare you some more. They don’t like it. Not at all.

Maybe they do that so next time you book a cruise rather than renting a pedalo.