For us this dish is one of our favourite vacation food memories. Yesterday was the first warm and sunny day of the year and it almost felt like spring is close. Also Mr. C. needed some vacation time after helping a friend to set up Ikea wardrobes for several hours. This inspired me to try a new recipe of Shrimp Pil Pil. Normally we used a different kind of recipe that involves much more garlic but then I found this Williams-Sonoma Recipe that also involved dry sherry in the sauce so why not give it a try. We used fresh chili and it turned out to be very good! There was lots of sauce to dip with fresh bread. Also served with spaghetti, I could imagine this to be great. Next time, we will do a mix of both recipes so the garlic taste is more intense and the shrimps are grilled nicely. Stay tuned for the next try!

Recipe Source: Williams-Sonoma
Recommended music while cooking this: Nneka