We still have a couple of cold weeks ahead and this week it’s really freezing with maximum temperatures of -8 to -9 degress celsius. Already by end of december I’ve had enough of the cold weather but the current siberian temperatures don’t help to lighten my spirits. I am fed up with the woolen jumpers, thick jackets and red nose. I wish for a job I can do from home so I don’t have to leave the house. I feel sorry for our dog that has an almost naked belly and is so short that she is only a few centimeters over the icy ground. I am so looking forward to move house, overlook the lake while having a BBQ on the terrace, see the apple trees blossoming and the nature turn green again, eat fresh strawberries. Until this is happening, I fight the winter blues by checking out holiday villas in Florida, envy my sister in Australia who is suffering from a heat wave, stuff myself with cheese fondue and banana bread and book a couple of hours at the spa to relax in the hot pool.

What’s your recipe against winter depression?