Since she moved in last year in October, Cookie plays an essential part in our life. Usually she is the center of attention and in those moments when she’s not, she makes sure that this changes immediately. From the cute and cuddly puppy that she once was, Cookie became a cheeky teenager with very much her own mind, but not less lovely! Like probably any other Frenchie she is a born entertainer. Keep coming back for updates on her adventures.

Name: Cookie (aka Crazy little thing)
Nicknames: piggy, chicken, Tüfel (Swiss German for devil)
Born: July 10, 2010
Breed: French Bulldog
Siblings: 5 brothers, 2 sisters
Breeder: Regina Lohner, Sparkling Bully
Favourite past time activities: collect leafs, sleep in the sun, play, observe my owners when they are cooking dinner, sit on peoples feet, follow dinner invitations
Favourite food: minced beef, chicken and rice, spaghetti, any kind of cheese
Dislikes: when other dogs chew my ears
Current profession: teenager
Future profession: truffle pig
Special abilities: hypnotise the food on the table and look starved while doing so, selective hearing