Sometimes there just is not enough time for everything you want to do. It’s kind of that you need two lifes to pack everything into. Work has been really busy lately and so have we, taking the last important decisions for our soon to be finished apartment. All I can think of is packing up, moving and settling into the new place. In my head, I am already placing furniture and decorating the apartment.

In four weeks we will be moving and I can not remember, that I have ever been so excited about a move. It does feel different when you know that you are going to live in an apartment that you partly designed and where you chose everything for from kitchen to flooring. At the same moving always feels like an end to something and a beginning to a new part of life. Also if the area is already familiar, you change a substantial part in your life: your home. My three years in Zurich have been a very happy time full of changes and positive things. Let’s see what the future brings!

As a little farewell to Zurich, we enjoyed the city like tourists together with friends from Italy who were visiting for a long weekend. We strolled through the beautiful centre, spent time on the lake, went out for dinner and even managed to capture some magic moments.