Life plays funny games sometimes. In yesterdays post I was telling you that we never do anything for Valentine’s Day and usually ignore it. But then that changed completely. And this is how: On Facebook ‘Freunde am Kochen’, a Swiss culinary website that sells cooking kits through their online shop, had a sweepstakes on, where you could win a candle light dinner kit for two. I always wanted to try their kits and was curious how it works so I entered the sweepstakes and guess what – I was the lucky one!

I received a mail from Isabelle informing me that they would deliver the kit to me the same afternoon, indicating the exact time. Along with the mail came the instructions of the cooking procedure. It is done so well! I sent her my office address and mobile number and not long after, the kit was delivered. How cool is that? Such a service!

The kit actually contained all I needed for a perfect evening nicely packed in a box! There were menu cards, a paper lantern, a very tasty aperitif that I just needed to mix together. And of course everything that I needed to cook this amazing dinner that has been created by chef Peter Brunner of Kaiser’s Reblaube, a famous restaurant here in Zurich. Everything is perfectly thought through. Even the decoration and herbs are delivered with the kit. All I needed to do, is put the wine in the fridge, read the instructions and get working.

You really can see that Isabelle of Freunde am Kochen is doing this with such great passion and I love the concept as well as the high quality ingredients, cute set-up of the kit and last but not least the taste of the food! The dinner turned out amazingly and the fun factor was super high. It’s ideal for shy lovebirds cooking together for the first time as it surely breaks the ice. Or for a fun night with friends cooking together.

All cooking kits have been created by two renowned chefs from Zurich. You can even order the matching wines with the kit. Check it out, it is such a great concept! If you don’t speak German, at least check out their cool couture aprons! Thank you Isabelle and Freunde am Kochen for a different Valentine’s evening! Valentine and me might make this a tradition!