As you probably know, I am a big fan of online shopping. Not always the experience is equally nice. Sometimes you are surprised by how fast deliveries can be, also of small shops. Sometimes even big shops take forever to deliver. Sometimes the check-out procedure wants to make you pull your hair. What is always disappointing, is when they don’t deliver to your country. For instance BHLDN, a great store for the soon to be bride (and entourage). They deliver to most European countries but unfortunately exclude Switzerland. But there are a lot of good shops that make online shopping a great alternative especially in winter time or when you are staying home to look after your kids or dog.

Here are my online shopping discoveries of the last months:

One of my ever-favourite shops is Amsterdam based clothing brand Scotch & Soda resp. Maison Scotch for the girls. Super fast delivery, nice packaging and free shipment. In case of returns, it’s uncomplicated and quick to get the money back. Nothing more to ask for.

Stoer in Style popped up when I was looking for blankets of the Dutch interior design brand Stapelgoed. I ordered several items and received them within a week. It was probably the most beautiful wrapped order I’ve ever received. Silvana obviously puts a lot of love and effort into her shop. Unfortunately one of the six Bloomingville cups that I ordered as a gift set was broken. When I asked for a replacement things got a bit crabby. To me, giving 5 cups as a gift set is out of question so the whole thing was kind of spoilt. I understand that a single cup probably cannot be replaced but I was expecting a little more courtesy than the reimbursement of the price of a single cup. However, the reimbursement was taken care of quickly and if nothing had been broken, the experience would have been a good one. For the content of the store, speedy delivery and nice wrapping it deserves a positive mention.

Another shop I highly recommend is we are knitters. It’s a Spanish start-up company that sells great kits for beginners and advanced knitters as well as super soft, thick 100% natural wool. It’s not cheap but I love their products. Besides that they have cute video tutorials that show if you’re on the right track. The first delivery was not the fastest but I blame that on the Christmas days. The second order arrived within 4 working days so nothing to complain about. Their customer service is helping with any questions you may have on using their products.

Garden Trading is one of my faves for kitchen and interior design accessories. They are another company that deliver super quick and have an amazingly friendly customer service. We bought some great lamps and vintage style items from there. Even though there were several delicate things amongst my orders, never anything was damaged. Currently they have the sale on. Be quick!

Of course there are many more out there that do a great job or sell amazing products. Which are your favourite shops that you keep going back to?