Every now and then you discover these little things that make you wonder how you were able to live without them. This is about butter. Yes, butter! I love that stuff almost as much as chili. Or garlic. Or mushrooms. Or bacon. Or mashed potatoes. Pure and fresh on crispy bread but also with added flavors like this wild garlic butter.

My favourite department store in Zurich has these themed food displays every other month. Usually they promote special products from local producers of a specific country for a couple of weeks. Right now it’s all about France and amongst great cheese and wine, I discovered ‘Le Beurre Bordier‘, a handmade butter that is available in different tastes. I grabbed a piece of olive oil-lemon (mainly for Mr. C as he loves anything with olive oil) and a madagaskar vanilla one, not sure what to use them for. In the end we just tried them with fresh bread and they are amazing. The vanilla one really is one of the best things I’ve ever had. I could imagine that it’s great also with lobster. The olive oil-lemon butter is great with steamed fish or vegetables or on ravioli.