Category: Things

Pleased to present

our latest acquisition… a stylish helper for the kitchen. It’s amazing how fast things are done if you have something mixing and kneading your dough. If I had known, I would have bought one years...

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Magazine Rack

Just recently Mr. C discovered his talent in working with wood. He did a cute cocktail table within no time. As it turned out great, I asked him to create a magazine rack for me. Over time I collect tons of magazines and...

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Alfa Romeo GT Junior

Todays object of the day is more one for the male audience. Look at this beauty from the 70ies… old cars have something really charming about them. The good thing with this one is that it is for sale. If you want the...

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High Tide Heels

Summers in Switzerland are very unreliable and often rainy. I came across this invention by Paul Schietekat: The High Tide Heels. A perfect invention for Northern European summers and also highly recommended for the next holiday...

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Rituals Shower Gels

I adore the Rituals shower gels. They last forever and once the gel gets mixed with the water, it turns into a soft and smooth foam. The bottle lasts quite a while and the different smells are great. As they are not sold allover...

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